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~ Welcome... ~

Hi and welcome to 'Ents or Tails', my fluffy, fuzzy little corner of the net. I'm Entei-rah, a little-known rabbit fur from England (now into 5 years of furriness, and naturally wondering where I went wrong =;)), and this is my...um... furry site (yes that description should do). Its basically designed as a place for me to put my assorted artwork, stories and general furry ramblings, with updates being infrequent.

The site title (for those who can't guess from the obvious hints scattered about) stems from three main parts. The first is a common abbreviation of my name Entei-rah to Ent, as it should *never* be abbreivated to Entei unless you wish to have multiple custard pies unleashed upon you. The second part is to do with my great love of big bushy tails. Sorry I just love all that fluffiness, which is probably one of the main reasons my own fursona, despite being a rabbit, has a big foxlike tail. Combine the two and you have 'Ents or Tails', that little or being added due to the similarity to Heads or Tails. May seem like a long story just for a name, but anyone who remembers this site how it used to be will know its a huge improvement upon 'lapine.org.uk'. =:P

Oh, and finally if you don't know anything about what a fur is, you've probably stumbled upon this site accidentally while looking for something totally unrelated. Quick, run away now before my warped sense of humour starts to play tricks with your mind, or the tails start to invade your every sense. =;)

Otherwise... er.... enjoy!


~ Entei-rah Brekaythi



~ Latest Updates ~

* Removal of Latecomers guide due to problems with getting the info and lack of interest
* Tweaking of design
* Addition of live Twitter feed to the site

* Addition of Furmeet Latecomers Guide to the site. Firstly for Sheffield, 2008

* Yes after 3 years, something new in the art section (Well new, unless you watch the photo gallery for Chester)
* Furcode and (yes!) Furvey Updated
* New section on Furry Mucking, with some random bits and useful MPI scripts

* A day late, but the yearly update is here! =:P A whole new gallery of pictures from furmeets can now be found
* Furcode Updated too
* Expect the furvey to be updated soon, I was just too weary after all the work on the gallery to do it now

* A small update, relocating the guestbook and updating the code to combat spammers
* The Furcode has been updated to point to a new decoder (though no change to contents)

* Nearly a year since the last update, and some bigger changes
* New site name/logo, and quite a bit of adjusting to the design
* All pages recoded to be Fully HTML 4.01/CSS compliant
* New otter picture added to the artwork section
* Updated Furvey/Furry Code (Latter will perhaps be updated again soon as encoder wasn't available when I did this)
* Guestbook fixed... not that its really needed =;)

* After a long gap, finally a fourth picture of me... looking a little different.

* Another tiny update to the furcode
* A new bit of art after all this time... and it's not of me for a change =:o

* A tiny update to my furcode and furvey to change my age from 18 to 19... now shower me with gifts! =;)

* At long last, a new piece of artwork; although it's just a new picture of me. (check the tail =:P)
* The obligatory minor change to the furcode... I'm forever thinking
* A few minor changes to the guestbook; mainly adding lines between each entry, and finally adding the rabbit smileys.

* Several minor changes to my furcode
* Some updating has been done to the furvey too

* A tiny update... I've added an 'f' to my furcode section about websites, so that Loganberry can stop dropping the subtle hints. =;)
* Tiny update 2 - and finally updated the housing part of the code

18/1/2004 - Site launch
* Artwork online - 3 pictures
* Writing online - 1 poem, and one longy-writey-type-thingy
* Furvey up - Yes, I took the easy option, and used v3.5! =;)
* Journal online - Well it's been online for a long time, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
* Email address online - Okay, I'm being silly now, but then you already knew that didn't you. =:P



~ Some bits o' stuff I decided to stick at the bottom here =:P... ~


Obligatory Email: [email protected]

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