The holodeck is basically a description which sits on a special room, designed to appear like the Holodecks from Star Trek. Anyone can call out to the computer to run a certain program. The scene in the room will then be changed to match. As well as allowing anyone to change the scene currently being run, programs can be added by people too, which in theory allows it to be used collaboratively. I've included some of the original sample 'programs' created for this here.



Room Description

This is the main room description. It handles pulling in the current description, as well as listing the available exits (remember to create one called 'out' to get out of the room!) @desc here=xxx is used to describe a room you're currently in.



Exits / Actions

There are 4 main actions (aka exits which don't go anywhere) used in this program. As actions are just doors which don't go to another room, they have to always be linked to the muck's 'go-nowhere' program to work. In most mucks this is usually something like @link exitname=$nothing (this works for FM and a few others). In this program, runprog runs a new program, addprog is the action for adding a new scene, delprog deletes a scene (but can only be done by owner) and holohelp brings up a helpfile for users.

#****** in this code Should be replaced with the database reference for the holodeck room, which can be found out by doing the command ex here in the room (eg #12345).



Sample Scenes

If you manage to get the above working, try adding the following sample scenes:-

... and if you followed everything on this page, well done. MPI is one of those things that is best learnt through doing (it's quite a restricted language so you can't do too much damage thankfully).



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