Okay, I certainly don't claim to be a great artist, however I do know I'm not the worst there is, so I decided to put what few scribbles I have online. More will come (hopefully getting better!)... well, whenever I have the spare time! (And the sudden spark to want to draw!)

Oh, and just to make one thing clear now. You won't find, nor will you ever find, any yiffy artwork on here. It just isn't my style. When I lift my tail, it's usually because it's planning to steal a napkin or somesuch. =:P



~ Available Art ~

Entei-rah (Summer 2003)
My first drawing of... well, my head. =:P Originally drawn by hand, scanned, then coloured on computer. Yeah, one of those pics I'd much rather forget, but I put it on anyway.

Rabbit (December 2003)
An attempt at a more zoomorphic depiction of a rabbit, done entirely in pencil. It ended up looking more like a Hamster, but never mind.

Entei-rah v2 (January 2004)
A second picture of Entei-rah, mainly because the other one had been overused in icons, signatures etc by this point. This time I decided to attempt a full body drawing. It doesn't look too bad, although I really can't do feet or tails. =:o

Entei-rah v3 (March 2004)
A third picture of myself, this time with a background other than white. It isn't brilliant, but it does have an important change about it; namely the inclusion of my big, long and bushy tail for the first time. There's a certain skunky to be thanked for using his magic to gift me that. *snugs him with his tail*

Random Anthro Rabbit (July 2004)
Nah, I don't have a name for this guy. I just drew him, then coloured him grey. Much more anthro than most of my pictures. I'm not too keen on the head unsurprisingly, but the rest of it didn't come out too bad (I'll even forgive the lack of big tail =;)). This was really a test in anthro drawing, ahead of my next pic...

Entei-rah v4 (August 2004)
Quite a significant bit of anthro-ising going on for the fourth version of Entei-rah. The pose was based upon something people kept mentioning about an old livejournal icon. Heck, I'm even wearing clothes this time round, so I guess I'm finally catching up with modern times. =;)

Otter by Wall (August 2005/February 2010)
Almost a year since I last did anything, and finally a new piccie surfaces, this time not even of a rabbit! Basically it's a picture of an otter (who once again has no name!), set to a random backdrop I chose somewhere in the country (for those interested, the original background wall was based off a section of Hadrian's Wall; but really I just wanted something old and stoney!)

Chester (July 2008)
Yes, after a long gap of 3 years, a new piece of artwork finally emerged from Entei-rah towers (which may or may not be an actual tower). This one is a little different, in that it was actually designed as a random gift to the attendees of the Chester Northern Fur Furmeet in July 2008. Printed onto shirts for everyone, it depicts a random lion pointing towards the Eastgate part of Chester town. Whether this is the first of many, remains to be seen...



All artwork (c) Entei-rah

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