Furmeets - An introduction

Furmeets, for those who aren't able to decipher the meaning from the word, are social gatherings of several furries, just to have fun and meet one another. I really cant think of any way to elaborate upon that further. =:P

Being a traditionally shy fur, I was very reluctant to turn up to meets for a long time, as...well... groups of many people = meep for a rabbit. This pretty much covered most of the time at university too, where meets in the same city were avoided with near obsessiveness.

This finally all changed with the first trek to a London meet in January 2005. Since then, I've been all over the country, and this section acts as a bit of a chronical of just some of the places meets take place.

In particular there are a lot of photos from every main Northernfur meet from around 2006/2007 onwards. Held on the last weekend of every month and alternating between 6 major cities, the Northernfurs are one of the friendlier bunches of people you're ever likely to meet.

Perhaps this'll help give those shy folks up North a bit of a feel for things, as we're always welcome to new people. =:) As always, feel free to fire any questions at myself, or if you can fill in any names then please do so (I am terrible at remembering names, alas!). Comments can be made on any of the pictures, and registered users can upload their own.


I did used to use this page to host some latecomer guides on here too. Due to a combination of many meet organisers choosing to keep the location 'sekrit' (usually code for 'we haven't decided yet and are just going to wing it on the day'), I thought it best to take this off. Following the UK Fur Forum website should provide the latest information, and if you're likely to get lost just drop someone a private message and we'll be sure to make sure you don't get lost!



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