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Last Revised (18/8/2008)

Traditionally the Furvey was used as a decloaking device on the newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry, and contains all sorts of furry interests, personality and what the lifestyle means to you. Most people are of the view the newsgroup is dead these days (I dont even have a newsreader installed any more!), however the Furvey still provides a good source of information for all you want to know about this rabbit.

And yes, this furvey has finally seen an overhaul as of August 2008. Well after 5 years, I think there were a few things which needed bringing up to date... =;)

~ Entei-rah Brekaythi




1. What is your name?
Entei-rah Brekaythi. There's a bit of a story behind the name Entei-rah, as for Brekaythi... it literally means 'Bramble-Primrose'. =:)

2. What is your email address?
Hmm... which one. I suppose I'd have to go with [email protected].

3. Are you male or female?
I'm fairly sure I'm male. Female furries are make believe anyway, right... =;)

4. How old are you? / What is your date of birth?
6th May 1985 - which would make me... um... 23 now (and probably this will be out of date for another 3 years now).

5. Where do you live?
Originally when this was written, it was a split between my home address at Durham, in the North East, and my university home at Manchester in the North West. Since then I've Graduated, moved to a job in Ipswich, and come back up to a job in Manchester. So as of 2008... still split between Durham and Manchester. I'm a Northern Rabbit at heart!

6. What are your interests/hobbies?
Pretty much anything to do with computers interests me, in particular programming them (it's what I do for a living now). The only part I'm not too struck on is gaming, much preferring to sit there with the old retro games through an emulator than running through a 3D environment shooting anything that moves. Needless to say, I'm also mad about the internet too. =;) Away from the computer though, I do like to draw, write and have an interest in TV Presentation.

7. What do you do for a living?
I am your stereotypical furry, so naturally I am a computer programmer, doing the background functional coding and html for a design firm in Manchester.

8. How would you describe your personality?
Still a bit shy and timid around new people and groups, though it depends on the group really. I am noted for having a somewhat stubborn and pedantic personality outside of this though, which can go either way really. It can mean I'm annoying sometimes, but also means if ever you want someone who'll give you an honest answer and not just kiss your backside all the time (yay furries), I'm your rabbit!

9. Do you believe in ESP? Do you consider yourself to be psychic?
Yep, I believe in it. The old CD Player with ESP never skipped once, and I tried shaking it around enough I can tell you. Of course, nowadays no-one uses CD players anymore so this joke doesn't even work. I should therefore think of a new one, but this requires effort. =:P Oh if you're talking about that Extra-sensory-mathingy. Well, I believe there's something in it. I'm not psychic myself though!

10. Are you a meat eater?
Yes I am... at least that's assuming what is in those cheap ready meals I buy can actually be classed as meat. The only meat I wont eat, and indeed am very uncomfortable if it's being served anywhere nearby, is rabbit. Feels like cannibalism to me I guess. Ironically, I'm also responsible for arranging the very first Vegetarian Furmeet in Huddersfield in 2008.


Furry Media

11. Who are your favourite furry characters?
The entire cast from Watership Down, in all it's forms (Book, TV Series and film). With the exception of one doe called Primrose from the series, who I can't stand. I also like Mr Rabbit from The Animals of Farthing Wood TV Series. His paranoid and pessimistic 'We're all doomed' approach sounds so much like me. *Looks around suspiciously at that wall, which may or may not be plotting against me*. Oh and of course lets not forget good old Sonic. A favourite for years! I've also become quite a fan of otters in more recent years, for varying reasons!

12. What type of furry artwork do you enjoy viewing?
Humourous pics are good, though actually I tend to like any piece of artwork that is well done, as long as it isn't yiffy. I'm not overly prudent or anything, its just that by and large with yiffy pictures the artists seem to spend more time on certain parts of the anatomy leaving them looking grafted on, rather than concentrating on the whole image. And lets face it, once you've seen one stupidly oversized set of bits, you've seen 'em all. As for styles, I flit easily between toony and realistic, as both can come out brilliantly. It's more dependent upon the care put into them.

13. What type of furry literature do you enjoy reading?
Well, one of my favourite pieces of furry literature is Watership Down. I read it after seeing the much-hated (but not by me!) TV Series, and have been hooked ever since. =:) As for Genres, well once again, parody and humour come into it. I love parodies of things (With the odd exception)! Other than that, something with a bit of adventure tends to interest me. By and large I'm not a major fan of reading long things though such as books as I'm just too darn lazy and never find the time. I've also managed to amass the entire collection of Redwall books, which have survived several moves across the country; one day I might even get through them all. =;)

14. What types of furry media do you create?
I have written stories quite often, some of them fanfiction and some of them original (although the original ones are all so old, that they're an embarrassment). More recently I've been doing more work on my art, though it is still very hit and miss how any of that will come out; historically drawing has never been my strongpoint. As a bit of an (expensive) experiment, I did put one of these pictures out onto shirts for the lucky group of attendees to the Chester furmeet in July 2008. From what I can tell they were well received, and this may be the first of many... As for music... well, I like to try my paw at everything, so yes it's about. Just don't ever expect it to be unleashed on the ears of any other animal. =;)

15. What types of animal/furry themed decorations adorn your living space?
Over the last few years, plushies (mostly of rabbits) have been stacking up and up and up. Currently at the Manchester home there's an entire shelf of them, and up at Durham there's even more overspill in every nook and cranny. Picture wise, I've got about 6 or 7 Entei-rah themed pictures up on the walls from across the years. Naturally I'm always expanding the rabbit theming in here. =:P

16. Describe your ideal plushie.
A Big, soft rabbit which is a halfway realistic colour (ie not blue or pink =;) )... or if it is to be an odd colour, then it should be purple, just to keep in with the current colourscheme. Ideally with a big bushy tail like me... but somehow I don't think that's going to happen. ;)



17. Do you enjoy wearing fursuits and/or furry accessories?
I did have some rabbit ears which I used to wear quite often around the house (and outside, if I could find a good reason, like Children in Need days. Mwah ha haaa!). There's also a tail (Which was little more than a homemade pom-pom really *cough*), although I didn't wear that as often anyway, as it made sitting down a nightmare. Still, both of those were left at home when I moved to university, so it's all pretty outdated info now. Where I am now, I have another pair of ears, which flop over at every opportunity....er.. yay! From 2008 plans have been afoot to bring to the world a complete Entei-rah fursuit though. I'm hoping this guy will make a debut at a convention somewhere in 2009, but given the waiting lists on these things don't hold your breath. =;)

18. Do you feel 'furrier' when wearing a fursuit/collar/tail etc?
A little I suppose. I certainly felt a lot flea-ier when wearing a collar, but that could be due to the fact it was a flea collar. It took weeks to get rid of the smell of that thing too. Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time. =:o

19. Describe your favourite/ideal 'furry' appearance.
Well, I'll settle for wearing the odd animal-themed clothing at the moment, as it's cheaper... assuming I don't have to print 35 of them. As mentioned, eventually I'm aiming to be a fully suited (yeah, I know I'll be like a million other furries in the UK then, so sue me!). Watch out for Entei-rah, with his long brown fur, covering from head to toe, with obligatory big bushy tail out the back of course... =;)



20. What are your phenotype(s)?
Rabbit. There have been one or two subtle hints already if you've been paying careful attention. Some people do argue that because I have a fox tail, I should have fox on here too, but as I point out to them though a fox may be coincidentally the closest animal my tail resembles that of, its still not a fox tail. It's just a generic bushy tail! That is my story and I'm sticking to it (I knew playing with glue was a bad idea... >.>)

21. How/when did you discover the identity/species of your phenotype?
Around 1999ish I discovered it. I'd been very general with animals up until that point. Of course, although there was something there, I didn't realise exactly what until recent years.

22. What conditions help you to enjoy/express your furriness?
I've been thinking on and off about this since first filling in the furvey, and still don't have an answer. I guess my furriness is something which is just there!

23. How and when was your furriness first evident?
Probably since I was about 7, but I can't remember back that far to be certain. Heck, I can't remember what I wrote for the last question. ...er... look over there! *runs*

24. How much of your furriness is 'instinct' vs 'learnt'?
*runs back* I think there's a lot more learnt than instinct.

25. How does your furriness influence your thoughts and emotions?
Well, I cannot seem to think of something without somehow integrating a rabbit into it. That did sometimes manifest itself randomly in the middle of college notetaking though. 'Yes, and when you this sort of warm/cold front system, you can guarantee that as it passes overhead, it will rain cats and dogs and rabbits'. I just hope nobody fails an exam after looking at my redesigned food chain though.

26. Has your furriness improved the quality of your life?
This is quite a tricky one really, as over the course of 5 years I've come to realise it's done both good and bad. In general, I would have to say it's improved the quality of my life. It brought extended family and friendship, both from wild rabbits and the furry community, love, and much more confidence. Sadly it has however caused so much pain, and introduced me to some of the worst people you could hope to meet, with a high percentage of the furry community being so full of backstabbing, arse-licking and people who'll turn on you because they heard you dared offend their best friend's third cousin's dog. Despite this I've come to the conclusion I wouldn't change things for the world. It serves as a vital life lesson, as over time you come to learn who are the real gold stars in the furry community who'll always be there, and will remain someone whom you can feel not only friendship with, but a true bond of species.

27. What do you think caused your furriness?
Now *that* is something I simply do not know. Not that I'm really worried about it anyway. I personally think its one of things that is just there; it doesn't have a reason.


Acting Furry

28. How does your furriness manifest itself externally?
Sometimes when walking, I spontaneously do that strange 'pinging' thing rabbit kittens do (ie jumping up suddenly in the air). *Note to self: Doing so on stairs can result in injury! I also tend to wear a lot of furry related shirts, and talk rabbity stuff for no apparent reason.

29. Do you act furry in public?
I do when comfortable round people, which is why you'll catch me being furry at the Northernfur meets. I suppose it does all come down to your definition of furry though. If you're one of those who define furry as pouncing and snuggling and kissing everyone you know, then no I don't. =:P

30. How does your furriness influence the way you interact with people?
Good friends do always hear me talking about rabbits and rabbit-related stuff. I also always call furs I talk to in real life by their furry name rather than their Real Name, so I suppose that could be counted too. It gets confusing if ever I do need to remember real names sometimes!

31. How much control do you have over your furriness?
I do sometimes slip rabbits into a conversation without meaning too, which then entails me having to run with it so as to avoid drawing attention to this mistake by abruptly stopping. Other than that though, it's mostly under control.


Furry thoughts

32. Would you become an animal/furry, if you couldn't change back?
Originally I was skeptical about this, but now I know I'd do it without hesitation, mainly because I'm much happier in my furry form than in the human one. Come on science!

33. Describe your ideal physical form.
Soft brown fur, and white paws, with the ability to stand both upright and on all fours, as well as talk. Oh, and to have a big and long bushy tail which acts almost like a third hand with a mind of it's own... though that probably comes as no surprise by now. =;)

35. Is your furriness compatible with your religion?
Well being a furry, I will naturally claim my religion is whatever is convenient/followed by furry x in any given week... Nah, seriously as I'm an atheist, I'd say it's compatible. =;)



36. Has your furriness led you to reconsider your religious beliefs?
I have become much more open minded and interested in hearing about other non-christian beliefs, however I wouldn't say my own beliefs have changed any.

37. Have you ever communicated with an animal spirit?
As part of an RP I have, but never in real life.

38. Do you believe that you were an animal in a former life?
I'd have to say no, though its not really something I've thought about all that much.

39. Do you believe that you have an animal soul?
I do at times, yet other times I convince myself not. Really, I'm not sure what I have, it's just a... something! Hmm... doesn't really make things any clearer I know, but I don't understand them fully myself. (Random silly thought by the way: Do people with Leather shoes, have an animal soul?)



40. What animals are you most/least comfortable with?
Most: Rabbits, Dogs, Cats
Least: Well, actually, I can't think of any I'm especially uncomfortable with. People perhaps (Assuming you avoid that superiority rubbish about how 'people are not animals')

41. Do you believe that animals have ESP?
I'm sure there's some sort of perception that all animals have (humans included). The difference with people is that they've forgotten how to use it these days.

42. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt/raise animals for food?
If it is done humanely, and only for a need to live (ie not massive surplusses) then yes. Unfortunately, that's rarely the case. =:(

43. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt/raise animals for fur/leather?
No and No! Synthetic stuff works just as well, is cheaper (usually), and doesn't result in any unnecessary suffering.

44. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt/raise animals for sport?
I don't believe it's ever acceptable for sport, only barbaric! Heck, even the use of the term 'sport' to describe it sickens me.



I've decided to drop the alt.lifestyle.furry questions, as they dont seem all that appropriate any more, and added a few alternatives myself.

45. What are your favourite Websites?
FMF (www.furrymusic.org), The Watership Down Yahoo Group, Livejournal, TV Forum

46. What are your favourite furry mailing lists?
I'm not much of a 'mailing list' sort. Besides the fact I still haven't managed to break the 'mailing list = junkmail' mental connection yet, I've just never been any good at keeping up with the general pace of messages on these things. You do catch me around on the UKFur.org forums these days. I know, I know, it makes me feel like I've sold out to furry fads too!

47. Have you created your own furry website?
Websites... well, you're on one of them now... unless someone has stolen this furvey to try and pass it off as their own by email or something. o.O I also have my Thank U Stars website, which is based round Watership Down, so I guess could be classed as furry. Then there's my oldest website Tesandco, which featured a load of crudely drawn animals... >.< Of course, if you ask the question 'do you manage to maintain any of these furry websites'...er... *bolts*

48. Do you use Firefox, due to its furry sounding name?
Well it being named as such is always a plus, but truthfully I use it because its a good browser.... though admittedly v3 as of writing is as buggy as hell (It crashes on close about 9 times out of 10 currently; not that it matters too much when you're closing it anyway, but even so...)



49. Describe your ideal partner?
Someone who is warm, kind and understanding.... and more to the point has the patience to put up with my terrible nervousness and fearfulness of everything. I've never been good at getting close to anyone either as a result, so such patience is vital.

50. What type of furry sexual fantasies do you have?
Nothing I can actually think of. I do like one or two things, but wouldn't say they form part of a fantasy.

51. Has your gender preference changed since discovering the furry community?
It's such an open ended question this one. I'm pretty open, but whether that's so much of a 'change' or just that furry fandom has brought things out in me a little more could leave a debate for hours. I certainly haven't warmed to open relationships though, let's not even get me started on that one. =:P

52. What species of animal do you find the sexiest?
Are you troubled by irregularity?

53. What part of an animal's body do you find the most attractive/sexy?
Tails probably, and that's nothing to do with what's under the tail either so minds out of the gutter. I just find them so hypnotic and slinky. Though don't think if I like your tail mind that it means I'm coming on to you (I really don't come onto folks, as I have had enough of it from Londonfurs in the past x.x), as I just like them in general too. =:)

53. What cartoon characters are/were you attracted to?
Well I did used to have Blackberry down here as a bit of a joke. She is nice don't get me wrong, but realistically I wouldn't say I've ever been attracted to any cartoon character.

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