It's a links page. Come on, surely I don't need to tell you what a links page is... and if I do, then perhaps you need an intensive course of tail-tickling for the next 3 weeks to help you learn. *swishes evilly*



~ Furry Friends ~

Logan's Runes
The site of a fellow Lapine fur, it concentrates mainly upon writing; and boy, can Loganberry write. =:)

Eliki & Leana's Home
Another site by a furry friend of mine; this one's a Snowkitten. (and there's a full explanation of who the Snowkittens are on the site). The primary focus here is his brilliant artwork, but there are also stories and other bits and bobs to be found. It also shows some of the outstanding results that can be achieved with an Amiga if you know what you're doing. Ooh, and there's a lovely picture he did of me on there too. =:)

Laurelin Taur
A site by a very good Canadian Kitty friend of mine. Whilst not updated as often as he'd like, it does still contain an awful lot of very good pieces of written work by him.



~ Other Sites ~

Thank U Stars
My Watership Down fansite. I owe a lot to this place for helping me realise who I am.

Tesandco Online
If you think my artwork on here is bad, then look at some of my older stuff here. Cats, dogs and any other creature you can think of made from little more than sausages.... except pigs, ironically! =:P

Rabbiteering Community
A My Livejournal community devoted to people who love to watch rabbits in their natural habitat. There's plenty of (blurry) lapine photos from myself and Loganberry scattered about on here. =:)



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