This page is devoted to my bits of *cough* poetry, and other associated writings. There isn't much here yet for 2 reasons. Firstly, I haven't had enough time to work on anything, and secondly I just haven't had any new ideas recently, and those which have came about in the past have never been good enough to develop.

On saying that, stuff may still pop up here without any warning whatsoever if I have a sudden burst of inspiration. If it does, you'll see some mention of it on the homepage of course. Indeed, I do have one or two ideas in the back of my head now, so perhaps when I finish my fanfiction series elsewhere, we may finally see some furry tails of another kind. =:)



~ Available Writing ~

A Rabbit in the City (September 2003)
A small poem, based partly upon personal experience, about a rabbit suddenly finding himself in a large city; a place where he knows he shouldn't be.

My Furry Tail (August 2003/December 2004)
No fur would be complete without a slightly angsty story of how they became a fur, right? Well, here's mine. =;) Seriously though, this is a small piece of writing charting the events of the last few years which led me on the furry path to discovery. Some parts of this were borrowed from a similar piece wrote as a closing statement on an old site of mine, thankfully long forgotten now.



All writing (c) Entei-rah

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